Doug Frates

Doug Frates discovery of his talent for glassblowing was a fortuitous accident.


After leaving his hometown of St. Louis and enlisting in the Unites States Marine Corps, Doug served in Iraq in 2003. When his tour of duty ended, his search for a civilian career began. A glassblowing class at Sonoran Glass Art Academy in his newly-adopted hometown of Tucson, AZ set him on his path to becoming an internationally-recognized glass artist.

Doug was captivated with the artistry and creativity of working with glass, and his natural ability quickly garnered him a coveted spot learning his craft from a true American master. His first mentor was Fritz Dreisbach, who along with Dale Chihuly, is considered one of the founders of the American Art Studio Glass Movement. Doug also studied with Tom Philabaum — one of the country’s preeminent glass artists who founded the Sonoran Glass Institute — honing his craft by producing Philbaum’s lines of paperweights and ornaments for three years.

After training in Tucson, Doug moved to Columbus, OH to be near family as he ventured out on his own. In 2005, he founded Doug Frates Glass, the company that allows him to continue to pursue his passion. Moving to Springfield, OH in 2010 has given Doug the opportunity to grow his business and play a pivotal role in the revitalization of the city’s downtown arts community.

Selling to individuals, designers, and hospitality industry clients, Doug has been recognized by:

  • Dallas Market Center (Best of Show 2012, 2011)
  • Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development (cover winner 2010)
  • Panopoly Arts Festival (Best of Show 2010)
  • Tulsa International Myafest (Best in Glass 2009)

Doug’s work has been featured on the cover of Glass Art Today, the industry guide to art glass creations from around the globe. Ranked as one of the Top 60 Glass Artists in the World by Art Glass Today, Doug strives to create avant-garde pieces that stretch the visual and technical boundaries of the art glass industry.

At Doug Frates Glass, we are committed to creating singularly beautiful, interestingly modern, elegant art glass pieces. Our art has the potential to transform your space, helping you express your creativity and style.
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